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O. Projects

Development and Management along the whole Life Cycle of a Project

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About O. Projects

Management & Consulting

Concrete projects and strategies with practical, measurable output and an impact on your business and community - that is what the "O." stands for.
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"Managing to serve an idea"



From the idea to the project plan

Consultations, formulation and strategic consideration lead to the development of a project sketch.

Project partner search, advisory on funding, financial planning and preparation of a time plan put the project on a solid foundation.

Coordination of project staff, departments and partners, preparation of applications as well as coordination with external parties and decision makers bring the project to the start line.


Responsibly Leading - Resourcefully Implementing

Leading the project team to succesful implementation by attentive management, individual coaching and executive engagement in project tasks.

Mindful and result-oriented performance monitoring, financial controlling, internal and external coordination, mediation and leading communication activities. 

Postprocessing, evaluation and follow-up activities until the final project completion.

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Focus & Competencies

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Public-private partnership projects

Casual Business Meeting

Out-of-the-box projects

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Strategic projects

Development and management of PPP projects with partial or full public financing through regional funds, state funds, aid and development funds and EU funds such as ERDF and ESF. Advising, application development and management for cohesion projects in the EU and beyond.

Projects supporting enterprises in their internationalization and market development efforts, including but not limited to advising on local or regional market specifications, funding, authorities approach, location and legal advice, lobbying and advocacy.

Reaching set targets requires often creative approaches. Case-related long-term commitment and a range of individual measures, from brokering contacts, designing event formats and finding relevant partners to comprehensive strategy development and implementation ensure success.

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O. Projects focus of activity is on the development and implementation of cross-border and cross-partner projects that are outside your usual scope of work.
We offer you professional, holistic project management, from the mere wish for a project and forming an idea until succesful completion. A strict ethical code, experience in various projects - national and international - as well as absolute customer loyalty guarantee a successful project development.
Results-driven workflow management, certifications and profound know-how in the latest project management tools as well as consistent support at all levels involved assure that your goals are reached on time and within budget.

Paul Olynec, Owner

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